Enoshima/Hirashima Seikai offshore

Tidal Current Nursery Site


Coastal area:East of Enoshima 1.0㎢
North 3.0㎢
East of Hirashima 1.0㎢

■  Nursery Site

  • Comparatively calm coastal area (nursery site) is suitable for business with early phase in technology development
  • With comparatively high tidal current velocity, wide range of research is possible at Kuga offshore by selecting research location depending on the surrounding current velocity and condition.
  • Testing water tank is also available within Nagasaki. With testing water tank, nursery, and research coastal area, Nagasaki provides one-stop testing operation.

Tidal current

■   tidal current

weather/coastal area condition:
east of Enoshima, maximum current velocity2.0m/s (result of existing simulation)
east of Hirashima, maximum current velocity1.5m/s (Nagasaki provided data)

Occurrence rate of Tidal Current Direction and Velocity

Ocean Floor Soil Property/Topography